About Build-Software

About Build software

Since 1997, our team has been building specialized software for the construction industry. The result? Build-Software is a state-of-the-art solution that supports all areas of the construction industry, from general construction companies, road building and infrastructure, finishing and installation, project development to engineering firms.

Digitization partner for construction

As a digitization partner, together we outline your future vision and strategy. Our best-of-breed approach allows us to put together the ideal ICT environment with the best solutions for each customer’s needs. This sets us apart from classic all-in ERP systems. Build-Software is international, multilingual, multifunctional and you maintain the global overview. It is also easily upgradable, scalable and flexible. Still in doubt? Then be sure to check out our impressive list of customer references. Curious? Contact us today, for a demo of our solutions.

Best of breed approach

One size fits all? Not at Build-Software! With a best of breed approach, our own IT architecture with data warehouse is linked with various applications. In consultation with the customer, we put together the ICT environment with the solutions that best fit the customer’s needs and requirements. This sets us apart from traditional all-in ERP systems.

Our services

There are many challenges in the construction industry: price increases are following each other at a record pace, margins are shrinking, customers are becoming more vocal and legal obligations more complex. To remain competitive, it is crucial to optimize your business processes. As a digitization partner, Build-Software can help you do just that. We look beyond our nose. We offer independent advice, guide you during the implementation of your IT solution and train your employees. Since May 2016, Build-Software has been recognized as a service provider by the Flemish Enterprise Agency. This makes our IT consulting and training services eligible for the SME portfolio. So you can count on subsidies from the Flemish government. Want to know more? Visit www.vlaio.be or contact one of colleagues.

Our partners

To make this best of breed approach possible, we work with a number of partners. Like Build-Software, the solutions they provide are state-of-the-art applications in their specific domain. Because of this modular structure and agale implementation approach, our customers get a particularly quick return on their investment.

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