Project reporting

Streamlined project reporting.

To measure is to know. As a calculator or project manager, you naturally want to know exactly how to adjust your prices and where the profitable project components are hiding. Build-Software therefore processes the collected data into user-friendly post-calculations and reports.

Automatic post-calculations

Take full advantage of our software and enter site data during the course of a project. Build-Software automatically advances them to the next phases of the project, aggregates them and enables comparisons with the bid. So you perform your post-calculations in no time.

Smooth financial administration

Your financial records will also be much easier thanks to that seamless workflow. You quickly adjust your prices in your calculations, send invoices to customers after a few clicks, and automatically include them in accounting.

Performance reporting

Easily create reports on just about any aspect of your sites, whether it’s requisitions and invoices, minus or extra work, the cost per activity or purchasing category … Thanks to Builds data warehouse, you can conjure up the desired information in no time.

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