Efficient at prospecting in construction

Construction is a challenging industry. Not only are margins under pressure, but customers are also becoming more demanding. Build-Software has developed several solutions that facilitate prospecting for new customers. For example, we help you respond to leads faster and meet customer requirements.

A crm system for the construction industry

Store all leads and relationships related to a construction project in one central location. This way you can immediately find all the necessary information, making it easier to set up sales actions and improve customer service.

Efficient use of measurement records and specifications

No longer copy measurements and prices from one Excel file to another. You import measurement records very easily into Build-Software and have various standard specifications available within the application.

Lightning-fast calculations and detailed quotations

Prepare your quotes in no time with our quick estimates. Due to the intuitive interface, a few clicks are enough to create the most precise quotes.

Easy tracking of government contracts

Participate in government contracts more easily thanks to our fast calculations and clear workflow. With the help of the standard specifications provided, you’ll make your quote match the outsourcing agency’s expectations exactly.

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