Measurement state & specifications

Using bills of quantities and specifications efficiently

Process measurement records automatically by importing them into your estimating program. Data flows through to the appropriate items in your estimating and to any price requests to subcontractors and suppliers.

Smooth integration of measurement records and specifications

Build-Software greatly simplifies the estimating process by reading the summary measurement statement. Based on that document, the software creates the correct items in your estimate and links them to the correct purchasing categories and activities. You can further speed up calculations by using standard specifications, such as the VMSW’s model specification or specification 250, and your own libraries. In addition, you are free to add special items for internal use and procurement.

From drone to measurement state

You also have the ability to import data from drones. Build-Software partnered with Sitemark for this purpose. Drones equipped with Sitemark’s technology will then take the measurement of your construction project. You simply import the data via an Excel file and create your measurement statements and calculations in Build-Software based on that data.

From measurement statement to price request

Build-Software further allows you to inventory the measurement state items according to purchasing categories and activities. This makes it very easy to retrieve information, create reports or create price requests at a later time. A few clicks are all it takes to create a detailed Microsoft Excel list for the selected subcontractor or supplier.

All information at hand

Moreover, Build-Software collects all useful information in a central location. Thus, the original measurement sheet, along with the descriptive measurement sheet, is kept in document management. Thanks to the rich search functions, you can always find the right information there in no time.

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