Study agencies

Study agencies

Your industry is all about precision and insight. Build-Software is the perfect partner in this. Our solution supports your calculation processes from quotation to invoicing. Our dashboard also provides you with a clear overview of your projects. Read more about it below.

Simple on prospecting

Acquire new customers more easily and improve your relationship management with our central CRM system. You only have to enter a contact once and it links smoothly to the right file. Then impress your customers with your fast and accurate calculations. Build-Software allows you to freely define your own parameters, so you can always meet your customers’ requirements. Finally, our solution casts your calculations in your own house style and sends them to those involved. Want to prospect more easily?

Structured project management

Make your project management easier using our integrated workflow. Once a project starts, it creates the appropriate activities and tasks. You easily schedule available resources through our visual project planning and track tasks in our clear task management.

Reports, reports, emails … can be found quickly in our central document management. Moreover, thanks to the integration with Bricsys, you can exchange them with the BIM platform. Other solutions also encourage BIM collaboration. For example, we are thinking of reading in Vlecad and Parabuild drawings.

Choose organized project management. Learn more about our solutions:

Billing aligned with study offices

Looking for an invoicing program that knows what to do with requisition statements and offsets? Our solution handles them extremely smoothly, allowing you to spend your time on your actual activities. Invoicing is also done flexibly based on the progress of your project or entered costs. Finally, integration with your accounting package allows you to automatically book and track invoices sent.

Meet our construction billing program. It guarantees the smooth processing of:

Fluent cost management

Manage your costs in a user-friendly way over the course of a project. Our Build Mobile app allows you and your employees to record work hours and travel simply. The data then flows to the back office in Build-Software, where you can use it for payroll.

Thanks to our integration with WinBooks, you can scan your incoming invoices and then link them to the appropriate file in Build-Software. You also always have the option of entering costs via a cost receipt. This way you have a clear view of the financial picture of a project at all times.

Monitor your profitability with smooth cost management. Explore the possibilities:

Performance project reporting

Track the profitability of your projects with our comprehensive reporting capabilities. Based on your calculations and cost management, you perform post-calculations in no time. Thanks to our data warehouse, you can also produce reports on virtually every aspect of your projects.

Your financial administration is further facilitated by our seamless workflow. A few clicks are enough to send invoices and enter them into the accounting system.

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