requisition statements

Prepare requisition statements quickly and flexibly

Compile your progress reports with a few clicks and keep more time for your recruiting. In Build Software, you simply continue to work based on the data from your quotes and cost management.

Logical workflow for requisition statements

You create progress statements very naturally thanks to Build-Software’s tiered workflow. Do the works performed give rise to a requisition statement or do you have to provide one periodically? Then simply select the items in question from your quotation. Based on that requisition statement, you then generate an invoice. You can track the evolution of your invoice later using the status management for requisition statements.

From requisition statement to accounting

Build-Software carries the logical workflow through to accounting. Our software integrates with most current accounting packages, such as WinBooks and Adfinity. That way, your requisition statements flow into your accounting system and their status is automatically tracked. In addition, Build-Software integrates with Ms Dynamics NAV, giving you a particularly complete ERP system for construction.

requisition statements customized for your construction company

Your progress statements are at once flexible and precise. Thus, it is possible to:

periods to be determined by yourself
distribute quantities across multiple billing addresses
Show subtotals per lot
Apply revision formulas and indexations to items
recall zero states
create a free invoice and possibly add it to the requisition statement

Of course, Build-Software also allows you to give your progress reports a custom layout. So they are fully customized to your business in every way.

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