Subcontractors & suppliers

Working successfully with subcontractors and suppliers

As a construction company, you rarely work alone. Subcontractors perform specific jobs for you or jump in during peaks, while your suppliers must deliver the right materials at the right time. Build-Software manages all these collaborations through customized solutions:

Price requests

Use your measurement sheet or bill of materials to quickly get pricing from your subcontractors and suppliers. You take over the right services, materials and quantities with a few clicks.

Price comparisons

Have you received a response from your subcontractors or suppliers? Read into Build-Software and put the prices side by side. This makes it easy to choose the right partners.

Order slips, delivery slips and expense slips

Once you have found the most suitable supplier, simply confirm your order with our clear order forms. You then register the deliveries and associated invoices smoothly in Build-Software. The expense vouchers, in turn, allow you to enter contingency or overhead expenses flexibly. This allows you to collect all costs in a user-friendly way during project execution.

Contracts for subcontractors

Record the exact services and prices of subcontractors in appropriate contracts. They guarantee the correct execution of works and are easy to create in Build-Software.

Subcontractor requisition statements

The capstone to successful collaboration is invoicing via subcontractor requisition statements. They allow you to easily track appointments and reconcile subcontractor invoices with the requisition statements for the end customer.

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