Price Request

Quick price request at
subcontractors and suppliers

Easily request a price from your subcontractors and suppliers from Build-Software. Once you have a measurement sheet or bill of materials, a few clicks are all it takes to send your price request.

From measurement sheet to subcontractor price request

Outsource work easily by using the data from your estimating or yards. Divide the various items among your subcontractors according to their purchasing categories. Build-Software then creates a clear Microsoft Excel list that can provide you with the necessary information. Thanks to integration with Microsoft Outlook, you send your price request directly to the appropriate subcontractors.

From materials list to price request materials

Immediately order the right materials in the right quantities through the items that came about in your calculations or yards. You quickly distribute them to the right suppliers according to the purchasing categories. Build-Software prepares a clear bill of materials in Microsoft Excel that you can supplement with the necessary information. One click is all it takes to send your price request directly to the selected suppliers.

Build-Software helps you with
monitoring your returns.