Billing adapted to construction.

The construction industry requires a specific invoicing solution, which traditional ERP systems do not have. Build-Software does cater completely to your needs with customized solutions for:

requisition statements

Create and send requisition statements in a few clicks. Build-Software ‘s tiered workflow closely tracks your sites and collects the necessary data for your requisition statements. You make those requisition statements as detailed as you or the client wants, with, for example, custom periods, subtotals per lot or the application of review formulas.

More - and less work

Stop losing track of offsets with our easy-to-use solution for more and less work. You easily create a custom quote to send to the client and subcontractors. You link the costs for additional works to the new items so that you can properly monitor the profitability of your projects.

Outgoing invoices

Bill quickly and accurately with our construction billing module. Whether you want to process requisition statements, free invoices or directional work, Build’s workflow handles it all naturally. By integrating with your accounting package, your invoices can even be booked automatically.

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