Send outbound invoices smoothly

Send outgoing invoices smoothly

Create your outbound invoices in a snap thanks to Build-Software’s natural workflow. requisition statements, free invoices and direction work seamlessly transfers to your accounting system.

Invoices adapted to the construction industry

Enjoy the speed and ease of use with which Build-Software bills. Our program allows you to easily prepare invoices based on:

requisition statements
free invoices that may or may not be linked to a project;
the time performed and materials used for directional work on single assignments and within projects;
A billing schedule that you set yourself.

Compliant and transparent invoices

Your outgoing invoices always conform to prevailing financial regulations, such as those for discount cash. As part of e-invoicing, you can also create the appropriate digital file for the Flemish government’s Mercurius platform. Furthermore, it is possible to add to your invoices a detailed report on the costs and services charged. It increases transparency and undoubtedly your customers’ satisfaction.

Automatic posting of your outgoing invoices

Finally, keep an overview of your finances through our “Invoices to be received” module that forecasts your income, and invoice reports. You can also export your outgoing invoices to WinBooks, Adfinity, Exact Online, Unit4, MS. Dyn365 F&O, MS Business Central & Expert/M Plus (Wolters Kluwer), so they are automatically processed in your accounting system.

Do you also prefer to send invoices
out the door as soon as possible ?