Project Management

Project management serving construction companies

Construction projects can become quite complex due to specific customer requirements and stricter regulations. Build-Softwares project management simplifies your administration, allowing you to focus on skilled execution. Discover our project management solution below:

Correct feasibility studies

Calculate the costs and revenues of a construction project in detail, even before the project starts. Our feasibility studies help you monitor the profitability of your business.

Digital yards and master projects

Easily manage your construction projects with our site and master project modules. The data from your quote just flows through and can be edited flexibly.

Streamlined workflow

Let your software meticulously track and drive your business processes through our integrated workflow. No task is forgotten, the status of your project is immediately clear.

User-friendly project planning

Check the availability of available resources in our graphical project schedule, and schedule your service staff’s hours with a few clicks.

Structured task management

Easily track tasks from workflows and project planning thanks to our task management. They will be picked up faster, increasing customer satisfaction and speeding up billing.

Central document management

Store your documents completely digitally and centrally. Build-Software collects them in one place and flexibly links them to the right files, clients and subcontractors.

Integration of bim

Collaborate more smoothly with other construction partners thanks to our BIM solutions, such as integration with Bricsys and reading Parabuild and Vlecad drawings.

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