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Infrastructure projects today are particularly challenging. Build-Software helps you respond quickly and appropriately to government contracts through its standard specifications and smooth calculations. Our solution also simplifies your project and cost management with e.g. graphical project planning and time recording for mobile employees. Learn more about it here.

Simple on prospecting

Participate in government contracts more easily using our quick calculations. You can read measurement sheets and drawings and use them as a basis for your calculations. Or take advantage of one of the standard specifications provided. You then just need to put your libraries and formulas to work to get a detailed quote.

We make tracking the various participations easier through our construction CRM system. It collects all those involved in a project in one place and links them to the right files, so you can quickly find the right person.

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Smooth project management

Schedule your projects in no time using our easy-to-use workflows, project scheduling and task management. You can also easily find plans, contracts and emails in our central document management. Moreover, thanks to the integration with Bricsys, you easily exchange them in the context of BIM.

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Cooperation with subcontractors and suppliers

Work more easily with subcontractors and suppliers. In Build Software, you effortlessly turn an estimate into a price request that you send to the appropriate subcontractors and suppliers with a click. Once you have chosen the most suitable partner based on our price comparison, you will set up a subcontract or purchase order in Build. This later forms the basis for your requisition subcontractor or delivery note. You can enter other costs flexibly via a cost voucher. Want to streamline collaboration with subcontractors and suppliers?

Automated cost management

Ensure the profitability of your construction company using our automated cost management. On the one hand, your employees themselves record their working hours, their movements and the use of equipment.
On the other hand, you easily track orders and costs within our modules for inventory management, incoming invoices and execution statements. You no longer lose track of any expenses and can accurately estimate your future cash flow.
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Billing adapted to construction

Looking for an invoicing program that knows what to do with requisition statements and offsets? Our solution handles them extremely smoothly, allowing you to spend your time on your actual activities. Invoicing is also done flexibly based on the progress of your project or entered costs. Finally, integration with your accounting package allows you to automatically book and track invoices sent.

Meet our construction billing program. It guarantees the smooth processing of:

Performance project reporting

Track the profitability of your projects with our comprehensive reporting capabilities. Based on your calculations and cost management, you perform post-calculations in no time. Thanks to our data warehouse, you can also produce reports on virtually every aspect of your projects.

Your financial administration is further facilitated by our seamless workflow. A few clicks are enough to send invoices and enter them into the accounting system.

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