Registration solutions for mobile employees

Registration solutions at for
mobile employees

Ease administration for your site staff with our registration solutions for mobile workers. They simply enter their working hours via their smartphones. Builds back office does the rest.

Registration via build mobile

Your mobile employees record their work hours and travel directly from the worksite thanks to our Build Mobile app. The data leaves to Build-Software’s back office where it serves as the basis for calculating mobility and relocation allowances, and is bundled for your social secretary. If necessary, the data also flows through to Checkin@work, so that you are always in compliance with your legal obligations.

Other registration solutions for mobile workers

Of course, you also have the option within Build-Software to enter manually completed timesheets or use third-party registration solutions. For example, our software integrates with Geodynamics, RAM Mobile Data and Clear Digital. In this way, you have a particularly complete solution for time recording in the context of Checkinatwork and track-and-trace.

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