Construction is a very diverse industry with
its own characteristics and challenges

The construction industry is a very diverse sector with its own characteristics and challenges. Build-Software has understood this well thanks to its years of working with construction companies. Developed specifically for the construction industry, our software supports every type of construction company with solutions for calculations, progress reports and timekeeping, among others.


How do you manage your construction projects as efficiently as possible from start to completion? Build-Software provides you with many solutions, such as quick calculations, registration of employees and equipment, as well as extensive reporting possibilities.


Infrastructure projects are particularly challenging. Build-Software helps you respond quickly and appropriately to government contracts through its standard specifications and smooth calculations. Our solution also simplifies your project and cost management with e.g. graphical project planning and time recording for mobile employees.


Every finishing or installation company has its own specialty and way of working. Build-Software therefore allows you to freely set up your own item library and calculation formulas. Our inventory management takes care of your purchases in a simple way and is the perfect basis for an online store.


Even the most complex construction projects become simple with Build-Software. You’ll never lose track of your projects again thanks to our specific solutions, such as phased workflow, master and sub-projects, and our central document management.


Everything is about precision and insight. Build-Software is the perfect partner in this. Our solution supports your calculation processes from quotation to invoicing. Our dashboard also gives you a clear overview of your projects.

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