Cost Management

Automated cost management

Cost management for a construction company is no easy task. Inaccurate management can even jeopardize the survival of your business. Build-Software has therefore developed several solutions that simplify and automate the recording of costs

Employee and equipment registration solutions

Simplify administration related to your site personnel and equipment through our Build Mobile app or integration with Geodynamics, RAM Mobile Data or Clear Digital.

Time recording in construction

Live up to your obligations as a construction company using our construction time tracking solutions. Your employees simply sign in at the worksite, then their data flows through to Checkinatwork and Build-Software’s back office.

Thorough equipment management

You know exactly where and in what condition your equipment is thanks to our comprehensive equipment management. Your employees can book it easily in our central system, while you yourself can keep a detailed record of costs.

Purchasing and inventory management

Easily track your orders and inventory with Build Store. Our solution cuts to the essentials, so you never lose track. You easily create a comprehensive catalog that can be used as the basis for a web shop.

Automatic posting of invoices

Process incoming invoices automatically as much as possible and save a lot of time. The integration of your accounting software with Build allows you to scan invoices, check the result and approve them. In addition, billing information is exchanged so you can include it in your expenses.

Implementation States

Monitor your construction company’s cash flow with our execution statements. They show you the extent of your work in progress, giving you an accurate forecast of your future sales.

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