Thorough equipment management

Thorough equipment management

Never lose track of your equipment again with our centralized equipment management. Build-Software ensures that your employees always have performant tools and the right materials.

All equipment in one place

Collect all your equipment in a central catalog that you may subdivide according to location, use, maintenance … It allows you to quickly select the right vehicle or tool.

Thanks to Build-Software’s control center, you can also easily manage your equipment:

you send it to inspection in a timely manner
you retrieve it with a click from the right yard
You follow up on necessary repairs
you put the equipment out of service if the damage is irreparable or involves excessive costs

A simple workflow for your equipment management

Your employees book the necessary equipment through an equipment request. That lists the start date and an optional end date. The manager reserves the objects in question and confirms delivery.

When they take the equipment to the next job site or collection point, your staff can immediately spot defects and request repairs. This will keep your tools performing.


Additionally, locate your vehicles, tools or equipment with track-and-trace solutions from our partners, RAM Mobile Data and Geodynamics. They not only show you where your equipment is located, but also provide you with precise data about it:

the trips taken
fuel consumption
the running hours of machines
maintenance costs

The integration with Build-Software allows you to use that data perfectly in our equipment and cost management.

Cost-efficient use of equipment

Afterwards, perform detailed post-calculations based on the collected data. This gives you a clear view of your costs and allows you to adjust your pricing. Finally, our rich reports help you identify cost savings.

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