Contracts with subcontractors and suppliers

Contracts with subcontractors and suppliers

Make clear agreements with your subcontractors and suppliers thanks to our subcontractor contracts. A few clicks are enough to create a full document.

From price request to subcontractor contract

You cannot perform all construction activities yourself. You often need to use subcontractors to perform specific tasks or to accommodate busy periods. In Build-Software, therefore, you have the ability to send price requests quickly. Based on our price comparison, you can then choose the most suitable subcontractor. Want to ensure proper follow-up with your subcontractors? Then create a subcontract in Build-Software with just a few clicks.

Good agreements make good friends

In the subcontract, you lay out all the crucial agreements with your subcontractor. It ensures that the agreements you made with your end client will be honored, and that you realize the expected return during and at the end of the project.

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